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    Kitchen Hardware: How to Replace It

    freshly painted kitchen cabinets

    If you read my post on painting kitchen cabinets, you know that it took me forever to complete our cabinets. The hardware was my excuse for waiting to paint our cabinet doors. It was all because I didn’t want to drill new holes and spent forever hardware shopping. Don’t let that stop you; it wasn’t hard! This post is all about updating your kitchen hardware. Our kitchen has a footprint that works well for us, but was not at all what I wanted it to look like when we bought the house. Orange oak cabinets, bright yellow walls, and antique…

  • cards saying "your little baby is big news" and "happily ever after"

    Big Sentiment Card Layout

    Cards with simple, clean layouts are my favorite. They’re easier to make because colors, stamps, and embossing can be swapped out to customize the look of your card. Many stamp sets include large sentiment stamps, and this is the perfect…

  • The Best Aldi Groceries

    My Favorite Aldi Groceries

    If you’ve never shopped at Aldi, you’re missing out. Aldi is a a German owned grocery store (they own Trader Joe’s too) that has become increasingly popular in the US over the last several years. I was very skeptical at…