10 Gifts for Food Lovers

10 Gifts for Food Lovers

I love to eat. Often, I give gifts that revolve around food. These are some of my favorite food related items that make awesome gifts that work well for birthdays, Christmas, and weddings!

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1. Ceramic Skillet, $89

I actually got this skillet as a gift. It is the best piece of cookware I’ve ever owned! Hands down. I use it all the time (like with Southwest Turkey Burgers and Roasted Red Pepper Pasta), it cooks evenly, and nothing ever sticks. Since it’s made of ceramic there’s no harmful coating to worry about getting in your food. I seriously cannot recommend it enough!

2. Turkey Burger Seasoning, homemade

This is the seasoning blend I use every time I make turkey burgers. It’s good in burgers (duh!), eggs, quesadillas, mac & cheese, tacos and black beans. A blend of this in a mason jar makes a super cute gift on its own or as part of a gift basket. This also works as a manly gift for the grill master in your life. If making a bunch of these, don’t forget to buy spices in bulk!

3. Pyrex Mixing Bowls, $39

I have had these mixing bowls for years. These are always in use in my kitchen. The smallest one is perfect for making guac, and the largest gets used to mix up Potato Pancakes. Middle ones work great for leftovers. They are durable and wash well in the dishwasher. Gotta love Pyrex! I’ve linked to Amazon, but Costco typically gets them around Christmas time at a much better price. They also make a useful wedding gift.

4. Pyrex Measuring Cups, $10 – $25

To continue on the Pyrex train, these measuring cups are the best! I don’t think any kitchen should be without at least a 2 cup one. I have two 2 cup ones and an 8 cup one with a lid. We use all of three of them on a regular basis and run them through the dishwasher. The lines on one of my 2 cup ones are starting to wear off, but it has taken years of substantial use for that to happen.

5. Cooking for Geeks, $32

A must for the nerdy cook in your life. This book explains the science behind cooking. After all cooking is just a series of chemical reactions! Having a scientific understanding will help the foodie in your life become a better chef.


6. Granola, homemade

All of us end up overindulging throughout the holidays and could use something on the healthier side. Homemade granola makes a sweet gift that’s not riddled with guilt. Larger mason jars make for a nice container that can be used after the granola is eaten up.

7. Toaster & Toaster Oven Combo, $36

When I discovered this was a thing, I flipped out. I had wanted a toaster oven, but wasn’t willing to sacrifice precious counter space for it. While we don’t use a toaster oven that much, they are nice to have when you just need to bake something small and don’t want to heat your whole kitchen up. I use the toaster function almost daily. We’ve had ours for almost 2 years and it’s awesome!

8. Cream of Anything Mix, homemade

I use this recipe for a canned cream soup substitute regularly in the winter. One year I gave it (in mason jars, sensing a theme here?!) as gifts with a ribbon and cute tag on it. They were a big hit. This substitute tastes so much better than canned soup in casseroles and has less sodium (and it’s gluten free for those that require that). Great for the person that seemingly has everything!

9. Smoothie Straws, $11

Wide silicone straws are perfect for smoothies. I have metal straws, but I’m afraid I’m going to chip a tooth one day. Silicone is softer on your teeth, making this ideal for kids and toddlers too. They come with a squeegee to ensure that you can get them clean. Moldy straws are no fun. These are perfect for the heath nut or environmentalist in your life.

10. Recipe Box, varies

I have one of these in my kitchen for quick reference. My most used recipes get written on an index card and filed in a box with alphabetized dividers. Include a few of your favorite recipes to make a fun gift. You could bundle this with some seasoning mixes or samples of your favorite sweets, and include those recipes in the box!

Christmas gifts for food lovers

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