cards saying "your little baby is big news" and "happily ever after"

Big Sentiment Card Layout

Cards with simple, clean layouts are my favorite. They’re easier to make because colors, stamps, and embossing can be swapped out to customize the look of your card. Many stamp sets include large sentiment stamps, and this is the perfect layout for those!

*Excuse the weirdly lit photos. I craft in my basement [lair] and we haven’t reached the “give the basement a makeover/love” part of our house to do list yet.*

The Process

Let’s be real, I’m usually out of cards and need to make one pretty fast for someone’s birthday that was yesterday or a wedding I’ve already attended. These cards with big sentiments, and another favorite layout of mine are what most of the cards I make look like. They can work for anything. And following a format means less decisions for me which drastically speeds up the process. Wait a sec while I add find time to be more creative to my ever ending to do list.

Anyway, I start by picking 2 colors that work together and deciding which will be the card base and which will get embossed. Keep in mind the ink colors you have. I’ve never picked out colors for a card, cut pieces, and started assembling before I figured out I didn’t have any ink colors to match what I was making. I don’t even know why you would suggest that’s happened.

The texture of embossing folders is what makes these cards pop and prevents them from being too boring. Amazon and Michaels have lots of options that are cheaper than Stampin Up. The four I’ve used in these cards – stripes, hexagons, dots, and a damask pattern, are versatile for all occasions. You could swap out patterned paper for embossing. I’m also thinking of trying some banner framelits for the sentiments because I’m just so full of great ideas. Cue the finger guns with corresponding head wiggle.

The Boring Details
  • card base: half an 8.5″ x 11″ sheet so 8.5″ x 5.5″ folded in half
  • embossed front & card lining: 4″ x 5.25″
  • front banner: eyeballed cutting height based on stamp height, 4″ wide
  • front banner matting: 1/4″ taller than the banner, 4″wide
  • stamps are all Stampin Up “Big News” – it’s the supreme set of sentiment stamps IMO (say that 5 times fast)

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