Coco + Hazel - Takeout Breakfast in Richmond

Coco + Hazel – Takeout Breakfast in Richmond

Getting breakfast at Coco + Hazel has been a new weekend tradition for us. We tried it, then became addicted. They’re famous for their crazy shakes, and rightfully so, but breakfast in Richmond from Coco + Hazel is worthy of just as much attention.

Located in the Tuckahoe area of Richmond’s West End, Coco + Hazel is tucked unassumingly into a small shopping center. They opened a little over a year ago, and have gotten lots of notice for their shakes. It’s hard to see why that could possibly be.

We’ve tried their shakes (so sinfully, massively good!), and wanted to support them during this time. We tried breakfast one Sunday morning, and have been hooked since.

Our Order

First Breakfast

A fluffly biscuit with just a hint of sweet and heat has spicy fried chicken, thick homemade pickles, and a chipotle aioli ($4.95). Once you go chipotle chicken biscuit you won’t go back. This thing is the best reason to get crumbs all over your table. That biscuit is so crumbly & perfect. Did I mention it’s so massive it’s a struggle to finish? Light breakfast eaters could probably split one.

Second Breakfast

After a little spice kick, you need sweet, especially with the mid-morning third cup of coffee or tea. My fiance likes their cinnamon rolls ($3.50), I usually get a sugar cookie ($2.50). The cinnamon rolls are huge, and full of all the gooeyness you want and expect. Yet they’re not overly sweet. More cinnamon than cloying sweetness. Their cookies are the size of my hand. The sprinkle sugar cookie is simple, straightforward and has the best cookie texture: it’s soft but still has chew.


I really like their iced chai. It’s flavorful without being too sweet or too spicy. They have almond, coconut, and oat milks in addition to cow’s milk.

The cookie dough ice cream sandwiches are every bit as wonderful as you want them to be. As is the trend here, they’re ginormous. And very sweet. I split mine in half to eat in two sittings. Order a few with breakfast to have later. If you’re like me and forget about food that’s out of sight, you’ll have a fun surprise waiting in your freezer.

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Ordering & Logistics

Right now, while operating on a curbside pickup model, you can order online. AND you can schedule your order.

Nothing’s better than waking up wondering what you’ll have for breakfast, and remembering you ordered online already. If you want a cinnamon roll you best preorder or they often run out.

Coco + Hazel packages your items and set them outside for you to collect, which completely eliminates contact. I’ve done this several times, and my order is always ready right on time. Usually someone inside smiles and waves enthusiastically too!

They just recently expanded their pickup hours. Coco + Hazel’s website and Instagram are both always updated with their latest information.

Where do you get breakfast in Richmond?

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