putting Easter eggs in the window gives kids something to hunt for

Easter Egg Window Hunt

With everything that’s going on in the world, I’m enjoying the creative ways people are coming up with to help out or provide joy to others. From small businesses pivoting to make masks to people setting up relief for restaurant workers to neighbors leaving sweet presents on others porches – people are coming together. A friend sent me an Instagram post about putting stuffed animals in windows for kids to hunt for on walks around the neighborhood. I don’t have any stuffed animals around (besides dog toys), so instead I put pictures of Easter Eggs in my windows so kids of all ages can have an Easter Egg window hunt.

Yesterday I printed a couple different Easter Egg designs to color. Spending an hour or so coloring 3 eggs made me incredibly happy. I found it relaxing to just color (with colored pencils & watercolors). It’s nice to have that kind of break right now.


Ideas for Kiddos

I don’t have any kids, but I imagine coming up with ways to keep them entertained is a struggle. If you have kiddos, this is a fun activity for them too! Have a contest of whose egg is voted the best or make themed eggs (think sports team colors).

You can make this a little educational too.

If your kids are young enough to be practicing numbers and colors, pencil numbers into sections on the egg and have your little ones color all the 2’s red, etc.

For older kids put a math problem in there instead. For example 2+4 in a section, so they color it whatever color goes with 6.

Instead of numbers you could do shapes or the names of the colors. Or even other things that color, like “grass” would mean they color it green.

Printing Eggs

A few tips for printing:

  • right click and open image in new tab so it’s the only thing on the page to print
  • increase the scale in your printer settings to make your eggs as large as possible, you want them visible in windows from outside
  • eggs with large designs will be most visible from outside
  • use card stock if you want to watercolor your eggs since it holds up to water better than regular paper
  • print a few different designs so you or your kiddos have variety
  • put any extra copies you make on your porch for neighbors to pick up and use

If you don’t have a printer you can draw eggs to cut out. Eggs are just big lumpy circles. Try recycled paperboard from cereal boxes if you don’t have any paper in the house. This is the time for creativity and innovation.

Hanging Eggs & Your Community

Once eggs are colored (and dry if you painted) cut them out. Tape them into windows so the design faces outward. I only put eggs in my front windows, because no one walks behind our house the way the neighborhood is laid out. Side windows and screen doors can be good egg spots too.

See if you can find 3 eggs and a Gimli in the windows.

Convince some neighbors to participate too. Then you can have an Easter Egg window hunt all over the neighborhood! You could hang eggs outside too as long as the weather cooperates. That works especially well if there’s an organized day everyone will be hunting for eggs (at staggered times to avoid contact of course).

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