Goal Summary for January 2019

At the beginning of the year I made goals for 2019 and I did all of my goals for January!


I read Rumors & Envy, both by Anna Godbersen. These books are part of a series she has written of turn of the century socialites in New York City. They are engaging, quick, and easy reads. I plan on reading the next book in the series, Splendor, next. I’m not sure what my other book for February will be.


Instead of 1 new spot this month, it worked out that I hit two places I had never been before: 53rd Winery & Vineyard & Hutch Bar & Eatery. I didn’t count any of the places from our Raleigh trip over New Year’s.

We met up with Stephanie & Kevin from Rations and Old Fashioneds at 53rd Winery & Vineyard. The wines here were excellent! Normally during a wine tasting we find a couple of wines we would drink classes of. Not so here. Of the 10+ wines we tried, we would have gladly drank any of them. Stephanie & Kevin were so much fun too!

I met up with some of my girlfriends at Hutch one Friday night. We don’t get to see each other very often. Catching up after a long week was the perfect end to the week. Hutch’s salmon burger caught my eye, and it was phenomenal! I want to put edamame on all sandwiches now.


My project this month was to finish up a cowl I started for my mom. I used less than a skein of a Caron Cake that I found on sale at Michaels. By crocheting in the round, the stripes came out thinly which is what my mom told me she wanted. I have a skein of teals and greens in this same yarn I’m planning to make myself a cowl from at some point.


This is the goal I’m most proud of, because this was the most difficult for me. We have weights in our basement, and I used those to lift throughout the month. I had not worked out in any consistent way for quite some time. While a handful of workouts isn’t a groundbreaking thing, I’m going to take the momentum I started this month and run with it. In February I want to do an arm challenge. We have a few weddings coming up, and I always want my arms to be more toned in sleeveless dresses.

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