Goal Summary for March 2019

March was a much better month than February. After getting sick and having Gimli in a cone [again] a month with nothing crazy was a welcome change. And the weather started to warm up, which has a magically positive effect on my mood and productivity. I’m happy to say I got back on track and met all of my goals for March!


The first book this month was The Light of Paris by Eleanor Brown. While I was expecting to day dream about Paris (I was more intrigued with the descriptions of art than the city), I wasn’t expecting to connect with Madeline as much as I did. We all have self doubt and things we do because of the expectations of others. Reading Madeline overcome these to become the person she wants to be was very enjoyable. The irony here is, I wouldn’t read a book someone described the way I just described this one (um gag me) but zoomed through this one pretty quick.

Next was a book I’ve wanted to read for awhile: Kitchen Confidential by Anthony Bourdain. Bourdain has such a distinct voice and style when it comes to story telling that his description of blocks of ice would be interesting. This was always apparent in the narration he wrote for his show, and this book is what brought that voice to the public. The nuance in the details and specific word choices accent his style. I heard Tony’s voice reading to me and found that particularly calming. Also, my new favorite word is apocryphal. Go look it up. I had to.


Early in the month we took Gimli to Echo Lake Park for an afternoon walk. The trail (2/3 mile) loops around a lake and was a pleasant stroll looking at the water.

Later in the month we went to Williamsburg for a wedding. The next morning we stopped at Aromas World for breakfast. I got a chai latte and it was everything I ever wanted in life. We each got the chorizo breakfast burrito, because chorizo. They were full of eggs and delicious.


For that wedding we went to I needed to make a card and came up with this layout that I shared earlier in the month. I will definitely making more cards in this style. The texture is awesome.


After failing pretty hard in this category in February, I was ready to make some progress in March. I picked a goal I knew that I would be able to do (10,000 steps a day) so I could build some momentum back up. With the weather being warmer, Gimli and I are taking longer walks so this wasn’t hard to do. According to my Fitbit, my cardio health went up some. So that’s cool.

Next month I want to do an ab challenge. I did this one last year while preparing for an Indian wedding (my outfit had a crop top and I wanted definition in my abs) and I noticed a pretty surprising difference as I went through the challenge.

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