Goal Summary for May 2019

This month was busy and exciting! We got out kitchen back together, went to see my parents one weekend, and got new flooring on our first floor. All of my goals were completed, except for finishing the second book of my reading goal.


After reading Big Little Lies last month, I read another by Moriarty: The Husband’s Secret. I don’t think it was quite the page turner, but still very enjoyable. I found some of the details in The Husband’s Secret were the same as Big Little Lies, and that made things not as intriguing for me. Towards the end things got fairly dull and then all of the action happened quite quickly.

I started Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine by Gail Honeyman based on a recommendation by Stephanie @rationsandoldfashioneds. I’m only a third of the way through and I’ve decided to finish it. The beginning was a bit confusing and dull at the same time. I debated putting it down. [Update: I finished this one and was glad I did. While not my favorite book, it did get better.]


We went for a jaunt along the James River in Richmond on Memorial Day. I don’t know how I’ve lived here for so long without dong this! It was a gorgeous day with spectacular views. If you’re in the Richmond area you need to stroll across the Potterfield Bridge and around Brown’s Island. (We parked near the Pipeline Overlook. There’s a few free parking spots there, but start early or they’ll be full.) If you’re not from Richmond, what’s a cool spot in your area you’ve never explored? We took Gimli this time, but when we go again I want to explore more around the Pipeline Overlook. The pipeline walkway didn’t look very suitable for pups.


I painted this cute little canvas. The mountains need better shading, but I’m in love with the sky. Painting hasn’t been a hobby or interest of mine, but this was so fun that I might have to try more soon. I’m thinking more mountains or maybe some lemons. Any painters have some good tips?


This one was a boring one, but I did it: 10,500 steps a day plus a set of something (crunches, squats, etc.). I don’t feel very fit – in fact I feel more out of shape than I have in awhile. My Fitbit tells me my cardio health is crap. And my arms tell me they can’t lift much. I think its time to focus more specifically on strength or cardio.

For June I’m going with strength. When we bought weights, Mr. PC set me up a 3 day rotation of working muscle groups. My goal for June is to work through each of those once a week – for a total of 12 strength workouts.

I’m thinking of making a bucket list for the summer, what should be on it?!

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