November 2019: a book to avoid, brunch, sunsets, a new crochet project, lots of steps & yoga

Goal Summary for November 2019

November 2019 was a long push to make it to Thanksgiving. Work was busy, and I didn’t feel well for a large chunk of the month. One weekend we hit 3 craft stores looking for frames for Christmas. While we didn’t find what we were looking for, it was a very productive Saturday nonetheless. I finished all of my goals, except for reading a second book.


I don’t remember how I stumbled on Honestly We Meant Well by Grand Ginder, but I won’t want to do that again. I spent the whole month slogging through this book that I should have quit. It was boring and dull, despite being set during a family vacation in Greece. I wish I had put it down and read something more interesting.


Billy Jack’s is a favorite of ours, and not a new place for us to explore. BUT we hadn’t been there for brunch before. We always go later in the day for sticky nuggs and mac & cheese nuggs. Anyway, at brunch those cheddar biscuits were flavorful and the perfect density. Large quantities of mimosas don’t hurt either.

At the end of the month I went outside of Edenton, NC to visit family for Thanksgiving at their new house. I got up two mornings in a row to watch the sunrise, and spent some time wandering around Edenton’s waterfront. The views were absolutely spectacular, and I’m excited to spend more time exploring here.

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I intended on making my last round of Christmas cards so as soon as December hits I’d be ready to mail them out. That didn’t happen. I found some yarn at Aldi that I started to make into a throw. I’m only a few inches into it. The texture is from a single and double crochet alternating, and the striping is turning out well. Sometimes you never know with variegated yarn. Now that it’s chilly out, having a blanket to work on in the evening is extra cozy.


My goal this month was 11,000 steps each weekday as well as yoga once a week. I made my steps all except for a 3 days around Thanksgiving, but I did yoga every week. I’m calling this one a win. In December I’d like to do some sort of strength training/weights twice a week.

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