September 2019: an adventurous van life novel, craft beer at a gas station, Christmas cards, & lifting

Goal Summary for September 2019

Where did September go? Often I feel like time is moving fast, but September flew by. But at the same time looking back to things that happened just a few weeks ago, it feels like forever. Funny how some months happen like that. This month I did everything but 2 of the 4 runs I had planned.


I heard so much about The Hating Game by Sally Thorne online I was super excited to read it. At the beginning I wasn’t all that into it though; I thought the story was a bit bland. Lucy and Josh are arch enemy coworkers. However, I enjoyed the story once it got beyond just competition between characters. While not a bad book by any means, I’m not sure I understand the hype.

Rosie’s Travelling Tea Shop by Rebecca Raisin was a complete delight! As you can probably guess from the book cover, Rosie starts a mobile tea shop. Themes of adventure, food, and entrepreneurship appealed to me. This was one of those books that felt like a warm hug every time I opened it. I was a little disappointed when I finished it because that meant it was over.


If you live in the Richmond area and haven’t experienced Aw Shucks, you should! We went because of a local musician we like, but were thoroughly impressed. You see, Aw Shucks is a gas station. With craft beer, good food, and live music. A very enigmatic location that was right up our alley. We hadn’t planned on eating there (still got cheese fries though) so I’d like to go back and try more of their menu. Next time we’ll take Gimli to hang out on the patio with us.

We got thirsty while doing some wedding planning and decided to stop by Stone Brewing. We’ve drank Stone beer for years, but hadn’t made it to their taproom. It was a nice day so we sat outside to soak up the sun and greenery. We split a flight, and my favorite was Fear.Movie.Lions Double IPA (it had orange and hibiscus in it). It was floral, fruity, and perfect for drinking outside in the heat.

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Even though it’s only September, I’ve starting making Christmas cards. If I don’t get ahead, suddenly it will be December and I won’t have enough cards to send out. These two Christmas ornament cards are some of the favorite styles I’ve made so far. I love the ornament paper cutouts so much I may make some festive garland with them.


I started out the month well. I got in a few runs and a few arm workouts. But didn’t finish very strong. I managed to accomplish all the lifting I had planned, but not the running. I hate running.

For October my real goal is to not fitness Halloween candy in my mouth. But I’m aiming for 11,000 steps every weekday plus yoga once a week. Hopefully moving more and relaxing with yoga will help my cardio health. Clearly I can’t make myself run, so I’ll try something else.

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