Hanging a canvas can be tough, but there's an easy damage free way to do it.

How to Hang A Canvas Painting Damage Free

I absolutely love this lips painting! I bought it at a small arts festival because it’s so bold and colorful. The teal in the background matches the teal I painted my kitchen cabinets so I knew I wanted to hang it in the room off my kitchen. After I got it home I had no idea how to hang it though. So it sat around the house for a year or so until I got my butt in gear. Now that it’s done I figured you might also want to know how to hang a canvas painting.

So damage free you say…

After some Pinterest inspiration (Pinspiration?) I came up with a plan. An easy one too. One that won’t damage your walls so it’s perfect for renters. Or people like me who are afraid they’ll change their mind and have a hole to patch. I put a lot of work into painting these walls, so I think long and hard before putting any holes in them.

Hang a canvas using wood blocks, screws, glue and yarn.

My plan was simple: two wood blocks glued to the back of the canvas, with screws sticking out of them. Then some yarn looped around the nails would hang on a Command Strip.

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It’s always Command Strips, but what else did you use?

I got these wood blocks from Michaels because they were super lightweight. Then screwed in 2 screws on the same spot on the side of each block, making sure they stuck out some. I used Gorilla glue to secure the blocks to the back of the canvas with screws facing each other (after I measured and marked where I wanted them of course). After letting everything dry for a day or two, I hung it with a big loop of yarn on a Command hook.

How’d it work out?

I didn’t account for the way the painting would hang at an angle. The bottom was touching the wall, but the top was 1-2 inches away from the wall. This made it look like it was facing downward. That might be ok depending on the look you want, but I didn’t like it for this painting.

If I had used taller blocks it would have bumped the painting from the wall more evenly. A Command Strip at the top of each block between the block and the wall was an easy fix. Now it hangs parallel to the wall like it wanted!

Now that you can hang a canvas, any paintings around the house you’ve been meaning to hang?

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