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North Carolina

North Carolina – A Photo Essay

North Carolina has always had a special place in my heart. It’s where we vacationed when I was a kid, and where my fiance have chosen to explore more recently. The food is fantastic, the people are nice, and the beer’s always cold. These are some of my favorite things from around North Carolina.

1. Sunsets Over the Pier

2. A Southern Trifecta: Biscuits, Pimento Cheese & Grits

Biscuits, grits & pimento cheese are Southern food staples.

3. Experiencing the Power of Water

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4. Wandering through the Art Park

5. Exploring the Forests

6. Empty Beaches

TIP: Grits Grill in Nags Head is the ultimate breakfast spot. Get there early. Order biscuits with chipped beef. Save me some.

7. Views Among the Clouds

8. Christmas at the Capitol

9. Sunrises over the Atlantic

10. North Carolina Beer Flights

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11. Stopping to Enjoy Nature

12. The Acorn Drop on New Year’s Eve

13. The Perfect Walk Turn Around Spot

14. Cheering on the Home Team

The Carolina Panthers are my favorite football team, and have been since they were formed in 1995 when I was a kid. I became a fan based on some very solid logic: they had pretty colors and the beach was located in Carolina.

15. Walking Under Waterfalls

What are some of your favorite places or things to do in North Carolina? I’m always up for new places to explore!

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