Printing card sentiments gives you more options, and more control than stamping.

Printing Card Sentiments

I’ve made cards for several years now after a coworker invited me to a card making class. I find a lot of ideas on Pinterest, but sometimes don’t have sentiment stamps to work with card layouts I like. Recently I had an idea: printing card sentiments has way more possibilities than stamping.

I’ll use a purple balloon birthday card I recently made as an example. The sentiment on the front is printed on white card stock. I recently started an Etsy shop (Periodically Crafting) and this card is available there if you’re interested.

Designing A Card

Once I settled on a card layout I liked, I figured out about what size I wanted the piece of paper with the sentiment to be. I finagled that size a little to make more of them fit on a regular 8.5”x11” piece of card stock. You can fit six 3″x4.25″ pieces on a piece of card stock. I like batch making cards, so this works out for me. This paper size fits well on standard A2 card fronts too.

I laid out everything in Google Slides. I started by making each slide 8.5″ x 11″ (click file + page setup to adjust the slide size). Then I added a 3″x4.25″ rectangle. The rectangle isn’t permanent, but helps you see where the edges of your 6 pieces will be when you cut them. That gives you a visual on arranging text on those pieces.

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Next was the fun part – playing around with fonts and wording for the sentiment. I did a “happy birthday to you”, but you could do any sort of sentiment or funny saying. Since there are things like Mother’s Day I don’t have stamps for (nor feel like I would use enough to justify buying), I’m excited that printing card sentiments will add variety to the cards I make.

Finally I grouped the rectangle and text together (select both, click arrange + group). Then copied them until I had 6 arranged in two columns, all touching. Before printing I deleted the rectangles because I didn’t want lines on the paper. You could also change the color of the rectangles to transparent. That might be more useful if you plan on using the same template to arrange other sentiments on. It’s easy enough to change the rectangles back to having a border.

If you’d like a copy of the template that I used to print these sentiments, click here. Google will ask you to make a copy. That ensures you can edit your copy however you want without altering the original.

I’d love to see what you come up with!

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