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    England Travel Tips – What You Need to Know

    We learned a few things during our trip to England that might be useful if you’re planning a trip there. Our trip was 7 nights in London, 2 nights in the country for a wedding, and our last night in…

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    Walking in Tolkien’s Footsteps

    The Tolkien Trail is in an incredibly beautiful region of England. We spent 2 nights of our trip in the village of Hurst Green for a wedding. It turns out, this region of the country was likely Tolkien’s inspiration for…

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    Where to Eat & Drink in London

    In a city so massive and diverse as London the restaurant and bar/pub options are endless. I am by no means claiming this is an ultimate list of the London’s restaurants, but I included the places that we thoroughly enjoyed…

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    Iconic London: 13 Sites

    Our England trip was one we saved and planned for for over a year. I spent many a night scrolling through Pinterest and researching where we wanted to stay and what we wanted to do. Airfare is expensive y’all, so…