Where to Eat & Drink in London

In a city so massive and diverse as London the restaurant and bar/pub options are endless. I am by no means claiming this is an ultimate list of the London’s restaurants, but I included the places that we thoroughly enjoyed or thought were special!

We weren’t in London for all of our trip. The wedding we made the whole trip for was north of Manchester in the town of Clitheroe. We stayed in the countryside for 2 nights, and had our final night in Manchester since that’s the airport we flew out of. This is the second in a series of posts all about our England adventure:

Côte Brasserie – Soho

Down the street from our Airbnb, this was our first breakfast in the country. We each did the full English breakfast that came with juice and a hot beverage for £10.95. The eggs were deliciously creamy and the cafe was super cute.

The Fryer’s Delight

Fish and chips is a must when in England! I thoroughly enjoyed the fish, and was pleasantly surprised by mushy peas. The atmosphere was not anything special. We did this for lunch after the British Museum (8 min walk).

The Ship – Soho

This pub was right down the street from our Airbnb, and we popped in here a couple of times. The crowd spilled out into the alley beside the pub which made for a laid back atmosphere. Inside there was bar seating and a few tables. We loved trying beers we can’t get at home! (I found Love and London’s post on English pubs to be very helpful.)

The Nellie Dean

Another short walk from where we stayed, the Nellie Dean had an updated rustic pub feel. It was fairly busy so we drank on the ‘pavement’ again. I love that about London! We met a few Londoners and had a tipsy chat making fun of the differences between our counties. The pubs stopped serving at 11 pm, but it was a weekday.

Billy and the Chicks

Around the corner from the Nellie Dean, we got ‘takeaway’ here to absorb our beers because they were open late. They specialize in fried chicken, and it was good, but I thought their smoked mac & cheese was delectable. I always love the carbs more than the proteins though. Carbs are life.

Mother Mash

A restaurant built around potatoes, specifically mashed ones? Um yes please. I got the smokey London sausage with cheesy mash and traditional gravy. Mr. PC got a steak pie instead of the sausages. Both were the ultimate comfort food after a long day of walking. I love their concept! You pick a mash, a sausage or pie, and a gravy. They have vegetarian pies and gravies too.

Crosstown Soho

Handcrafted specialty doughnuts? Yes please. You need these. It was only £4 for a doughnut and an espresso. I ate my raspberry jam doughnut so fast there was no chance for a photo. If you need pics to convince you, just check out their Insta. They also have vegan options AND you can order online.

Trader Vic’s London

Let me preface this bar choice. Warren Zevon’s “Werewolves of London” was one of those songs I rocked out to in my first car. Like had the music blasting, drumming on the steering wheel kind of rocking out. If you are not into quirky songs about shapeshifters, I don’t know that I would mark this as a must go. The drinks were pricey, but very boozy. The Polynesian decor was a tropical oasis in the middle of the city, but wasn’t well lit. I regret nothing. I saw a werewolf drinking a piña colada at Trader Vic’s. His hair was perfect.

Borough Market

We wandered through here snacking on various things we wanted to try. At Kappacasein you need the cheese from a raclette over potatoes (£6)! We had a brownie from a baker (£2.20) and grilled corn (£3) while we walked around. Then we found Pimm’s cups at Cartwright Brothers Vintners. One of the highlights of our trip! It was floral and fruity and herby all at the same time. I can taste a Pimm’s cup every time I look at that picture. So refreshing!


Once again, this spot was right by where we stayed. (Seriously, Wardour St. in Soho is where it’s at!) This Italian bakery was convenient and so worth it even if it wasn’t convenient. We ate here twice for a quick lunch on the go – hence no pictures. You walk in, and at first it seemed like chaos. Place an order with someone you can flag down behind the glass. There wasn’t a menu per se, but we just picked from what we could see laid out. They will ring you up and you can eat there or take it to go.

O Bar

We ended our night here that day. There was a £5 cover, but the drinks were amazing! We did have a hard time getting drinks since they were busy, but the dance atmosphere in the basement was what we wanted that night. Even if you don’t go here for late night or dancing, the cocktails are worth a trip in.


Another spot with some fabulous cocktails is this speakeasy. When you enter, it’s like you’re in an old railcar. The 1940s theme is well thought out and detailed from the music to the bartender attire to the menus.The drinks here were very over the top! They were pricy (£65 for 4 cocktails and 2 beers), but so worth the experience!


I cannot stress enough how important it is to make a reservation and eat here if you want Indian food in London. We walked up to a line around the block and were whisked in like VIPs because we had a reservation. The food was so incredibly good. You order family style so we tried several things. Every bit of food I ate was delicious. I also had a chocolate chai that was superb. We ate in the lower level and I was so focused on how good the food was, I don’t even remember the decor.

Afternoon Tea at The Library Lounge

This was one of our absolute favorite experiences! We went with the “free flowing bubbles” option, and it was so worth it. Make reservations and go hungry. There are scones, tea sandwiches (duh!) and dainty desserts (one has gold foil on top) which are all refilled whenever empty. I could not stop eating; everything was so scrumptious. Bubbles are always the way to go. And of course a large selection of teas. The London Marriott Hotel is situated with a view of the Thames across from Big Ben, so the view is quaint. (For my thoughts on the sites of London, check out my this post.) Tea is served in a library and feels exactly what imaged afternoon tea to be like.

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Comment below, I would love to know your favorite places in London!

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