• 3 books, Fredericksburg & Strasburg spots, more crocheting & a DIY project for July 2019

    Goal Summary for July 2019

    July is always one of my favorite months. People tend to be happier in the summer, and it’s by birthday month! I spent a lot of my time prepping some upcoming blog posts, celebrating my birthday, and focusing on my…

  • a quick summary of goals for June 2019

    Goal Summary for June 2019

    It’s hot as hell and time for ice cream; summer is here! I started off June in Asheville and haven’t stopped since. It’s hard to believe 2019 is half over. I managed to complete all of my goals for June…

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    Goal Summary for May 2019

    This month was busy and exciting! We got out kitchen back together, went to see my parents one weekend, and got new flooring on our first floor. All of my goals were completed, except for finishing the second book of…

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    Goal Summary for April 2019

    April started out calm and on course. The last two weeks were very busy at work and didn’t leave much energy or head space for anything else. Oh well! That’s why I start over each month and wipe the slate…

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    Tips for Reducing Plastic Waste

    There are lots of environmental issues out there – but plastic is one of the more tangible pollutants. With stories in the news, like this one about a whale ingesting 88 pounds of plastic, our plastic problem is getting to…

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    Goal Summary for March 2019

    March was a much better month than February. After getting sick and having Gimli in a cone [again] a month with nothing crazy was a welcome change. And the weather started to warm up, which has a magically positive effect…

  • Tips for keeping a dog in a cone happy.

    How to Manage Your Dog in a Cone

    Inevitably it happens. Your dog has to wear the dreaded cone of shame or e-collar. Most often it’s from getting neutered or spayed. Here are some tips for managing your dog throughout cone time.

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    Goal Summary for February 2019

    I did most of my goals for February, but fell a bit short on my arms challenge. Books I finished a series I had been reading with Splendor by Anna Godbersen. Like the others, it was a quick, entertaining read…

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    Goal Summary for January 2019

    At the beginning of the year I made goals for 2019 and I did all of my goals for January! Books I read Rumors & Envy, both by Anna Godbersen. These books are part of a series she has written of turn…