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    Goal Summary for February 2019

    I did most of my goals for February, but fell a bit short on my arms challenge. Books I finished a series I had been reading with Splendor by Anna Godbersen. Like the others, it was a quick, entertaining read…

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    Goal Summary for January 2019

    At the beginning of the year I made goals for 2019 and I did all of my goals for January! Books I read Rumors & Envy, both by Anna Godbersen. These books are part of a series she has written of turn…

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    A Checklist of Goals for 2019

    I’m not normally one to make New Years resolutions. Most people say things like “get fit” or “be more present”. Those things are hard to measure. Without data how will you know you’ve achieved your goal? That’s why I haven’t…

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    What I Was Loving in 2018

    Our Puppy I could not start a post like this without first mentioning our Gimli boy. We adopted our teenie tiny pup in August, and life has not been the same since. Watching him grow and change while becoming integrated…

  • Bringing home a puppy can mean lots of work, these tips can help!

    Tips For New Dog Parents

    We got a lab mix puppy about 2 months ago from RACC, and he is about 4 months old now. His name is Gimli, after the dwarf in Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings. Puppies are a lot of work. I…

  • adventurous summer reads spanning multiple countries and decades

    Adventurous Summer Reads

    Not only do I explore more real places in the summertime, but I transport to additional fictional ones though my summer reads. These 5 summer reads can help you cling to that adventurous spirit whenever you need it.